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Bernard, the hermit crab is a 2D side scroller, platformer and puzzle game where you control a tribe of Hermit Crabs.

Explore the depth of the ocean and lead your Hermit Crabs to the end of this journey.

This game was made in 48h during the Global Game Jam 2019 with the theme "What home means to you", a first version was published but we did iteration because of a lake of rhythm on the level design. So we published "Bernard the ermit crab", 3 days after the release but with a more interesting flow. 

Credits :

Game designers :

Paul Lyaudet

Charlotte Fries

Benoit Deneaux

Alexis Sonnier

Concept Artists :

Loline Bongiraud

Salomé  Goré

Bastien Schmit


Bernard_The_Ermit_Crab.zip 235 MB
Pagupoidea_48hversion.zip 231 MB

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